Railway tickets to be returned via Internet
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“Ukrzaliznytsia” State Administration of Railway Transport of Ukraine works out a system of returning railway tickets via Internet.

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Ukraine takes the first place in alcohol consumption among teenagers in the world

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Drinking Ukrainian youth

Drinking Ukrainian youth

Ukraine takes the first place in the world ratings of alcohol consumption among children and youth, according to the World Health Organization research.
In fact, Ukrainian children start drinking alcohol when they are 10 – 13 years old. So, no wonder, that according to the statistics of Ministry of Health of Ukraine about 60% of children poisoning is caused by alcohol. If it goes like this in future, Ukrainians take all chances to become the drunkiest nation on the planet.
Especially startles such fact, that 70% of Ukrainian kids have got their first glass of alcohol from their parents.
Absence of juridical division into strong alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverages contributes to the development of alcoholism in Ukraine.
Meanwhile, there is no difference between strong alcoholic and low-alcoholic drinks from the medical point of view. In fact, the damage from low-alcoholic drinks is not less than from vodka. No wonder, that nowadays beer dependence grows rapidly.
Statistics testify, that for the last 10 years the number of persons, which use low-alcoholic drinks regularly grew in 10-12 times. It should be noted that deputies Mykola Tomenko, Natalia Korolevska and Eugen Suslov, proposed amendments in Law of Ukraine “About government control of production and circulation of ethyl spirit, cognac and fruit alcoholic beverages and tobacco”. They suggest to limit consumption and sales of low-alcoholic drinks.
It is planned that after Verkhovna Rada accepts these amendments, beer will be equated with vodka (horilka) and its distribution will be limited due to reduction of sales spots.
Low-alcoholic drinks will not be sold at the places of mass gatherings and events. It will be possible to sell them only at the shops next to wine and horilka (vodka). The same Law bans beer consumtion in public places like hospitals, educational, cultural and sport institutions, government and administration buildings, public transport, children playgrounds and even in elevators and phone booths. It will be banned to sell any alcoholic beverages to all under 18 years old. It was proposed to introduce a fine for drinking in public places. In cases when such punishment is considered insufficient, administrative 15 days arrest will be applied.
Parents of “drinking” children could be fined as well. At first sight this law stipulates effective methods to fight youth alcoholism, but it is impossible to understand how Ukrainian militia will disclose drinking lawbreakers. It is known, that there is the same amenability for smoking in prohibited by law places in Ukraine, but such law hasn’t noticeably improved the “smoking situation” yet.
Artem Stupakov, the member of National Ukrainian organization “Tvereza Ukraina” (“Sober Ukraine”) has got an interesting opinion. According to his words, in 1920s during a “dry law” period (prohibition of hard liquor sales, which existed during 1914-1925) people started to make samogon (moonshine) at home. In order to stop it, government set a huge for those times fine – 500 Soviet rubles, half of which would have to go to a militiaman, who has caught the moonshiner during the process. So, in two years samogon devices disappeared. “Maybe, we would have to introduce the same on the territory of independent Ukraine, so the fight with alcoholism would have positive results,” metions Stupakov. “The main thing is not the treatment of the consequences of alcohol consumption but prevention by limiting the access to alcohole of youth and with the help of educational methods at school and at home.”
For that purpose, National Ukrainian public organization “The Organized Crime and Corruption Combatting Committee” intends to develop and introduce to Verkhovna Rada for consideration a draft, which envisages the imposing of a curfew for youth in Ukraine. According to the leader of the organization Olexiy Kosarev, such limitation of children staying in the streets or at entertaining clubs and cafes during a school year will begin at 22.00, and during vacations at 23.00.
Similar rules have already been working in USA, Germany and recently in Russia. After passing this law, in the case of its violation, the fine will be imposed, but owners of the entertaining establishments, where teenagers were caught at nighttime should expect a more severe punishment: their business will be closed.
The authors’ of this legislative initiative state with confidence, that “Only this way it would be possible to really break the children and teenagers’ habit of rakish life with alcohol and cigarettes”. (materials used)

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